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Welcome to the Art of Bellydance. If you are planning to take belly dance classes, you are in the right place. Come and join our classes and experience for yourself the art of dance. Check out our belly dance class schedules below, we guarantee that you will have lots of FUN and discover the BEAUTY OF YOU!!!

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Belly Dance for kids
Bring your little ones to Shehaifa Dance Classes so that the kids can discover a beautiful world of dance and music as they learn, exercise and have fun together and get involved in the world of arts.    

The beauty of Belly Dance revolves around increasing physical activity, coordination, flexibility, and contextual awareness! We provide an age-appropriate belly dance class for our young participants. They will learn basic movements and dance steps from Middle Eastern dance. Bring your children to experience something more than just another dance class… belly dance (ages 5-12).

Term 1 - Beginner Level

Level 1 – Beginners – 8 weeks (1st April to 31st May 2013)
This 8 week course is designed for students new to belly dance or seeking a belly dance refresher. No dance experience is necessary. The class will include basic belly dance technique after warming up and stretching, posture, movement isolations, shimmies, travelling steps, work co-ordination of arms / feet / head, build core strength and combine moves learnt to develop a routine. The class will also give a brief introduction to the history, context and philosophy which provides a solid foundation into the “Art of Belly Dance”.

Level 2A – Beginners – 6 weeks (1st June to 15th July 2013)
Perfect for those of you that has completed level 1 satisfactorily. This 6 week course will expand your techniques from level 1 and sharpen your skills  to learn to travel and layer movements, which will include foundational undulations, accents, turns and layering. It will also explore Middle Eastern music rhythms & structure and extend upon the basic moves already learned.

Level 2B – Beginners – 4 weeks (15th July – 15th August 2013)
Following on from level 2a, students will focus on continuing to practice travelling steps and Movements in this level become more complicated and the understanding of music rhythm changes to as higher level. Also there will be an introduction in the use of veils and Zills.

Term 2 – Intermediate Level

Level 3A – 6 Week Course      (15th September to 31st October)
Students begin a more focused approach to classical belly dance form and are exposed to more advanced dance combinations with the veil and finger cymbals (Zills), technical precision and learning to use movement to their full potential. They practice more intense isolation drills with layering to bring body strength, co-ordination, speed and endurance to the next level.  Students will also learn rhythm based movements and will deepen their understanding of Middle Eastern music.
Pre-requisite: Students that have gained proficiency of beginner level 1, 2A and 2B.

 Level 3B- 6 Week Course     (1st November to 15th December 2013)
Students will carry out a refinement of the level 3A technique during this course, through the learning of more challenging choreographies. We start using new songs in rhythm solos and continue practicing advanced dance combinations, layering techniques and footwork. Emphasis is placed on veil technique with body balance, turning, travelling speed and control.

Term 3 – Advanced Level

Level 4A – 6 Weeks Course (January 2014)
This course is for students who have mastered proficiency in the intermediate level curriculum and desire to develop professional level techniques and dance skills.
We will focus on advanced skills in performance, emotion, creativity, history and culture during this term, along with the development of entrance steps, stage presence, artistry and style.

Level 4B – 4 Weeks Course (February 2014)

This course will teach students all components, of a full traditional belly dance routine and recognize various styles of belly dance and music. You will learn stage space utilization and continue your stage presence skills.

Level 5 – 2 weeks Course (March 2014)

Students will develop their own choreography and creativity from their own artistic technique they have learned throughout terms 1 & 2. You will learn advanced choreographies both solo and group in readiness for the annual student dance theatre showcase.




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